HB-1-01 Survival Knife Review

HB-1-01 Survival Knife Review

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  1. morgan banks says:

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  2. LOWROLLER72 says:

    hey thanks for the review! lots of good info.? LR

  3. ditrich666 says:

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  4. ditrich666 says:

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  5. daniel09622 says:

    how much was the knife with all the stuff in the sheath? with the black blade finish.

  6. Russians? and Ninjas. LoL

  7. “I might not grab this to go out in the wilderness.” What would be your personal choice? I’m in market for a? good survival knife. Thanks.

  8. StianDalby says:

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  10. creativeusernameguy says:

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  11. nwobatakero says:

    how can i get? this knife ?


  13. melvronheinicke says:

    Fulltangblade plus extra box for your stuff. Imo: Survival knives are just toys. They’re no tools. Keep it in? your mind: without a tang these knives aren’t much durable. Tested again and again and again…

  14. originalwoodpusher says:

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  15. Frank Leone says:

    Pretty interesting knife. I am in the market for a solid survival knife.? One that has all the accessories. Compass, fishing tools, durable sheath, etc. any good suggestions??

  16. angel81840able says:

    This knife? is gay!

  17. arthurneddysmith says:


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  18. nitroflesh says:

    You can? put a button compas in the compas compartment and problem solved.

  19. kevinguidry24 says:

    I think it is the coolest? knife i have ever seen

  20. mony ruffsy says:

    Could I? get a? link to where I could buy it?
    i want that

  21. MrWormtaco says:

    The paper is called cosmalene, it’s an oil impregnated paper to prevent rust. ?

  22. StianDalby says:

    Could I? get a link to where I could buy it?

  23. jazzyut74 says:

    thanks for 30 second on the paper in the? box

  24. noFinPIKEY says:

    the handle could be from the blade perhaps something? like the cold steel survival knife spear ..

  25. Hey, could you tell me weather the blade is held together with a nut or if the hole knife is one piece of metal.? I have looked on close to every forum and still no answer. Look forward to your reply. Thank’s