Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. jlsparky7 says:

    Awesome vid. ? One thing. Shoot with one eye open or both? If using one eye do you use your dominate eye or the eye on the same side as your strong arm?

  2. sozhino01 says:

    thanks man. very helpful?

  3. MrSonofagun45 says:

    Great, great video. Thank? you.

  4. This was a very informative video. The? best I have seen yet. Thanks for taken the time to make this.

  5. Oh, and also note how many times he checked to see if his gun actually was empty. Please don’t be the guy at the range? who doesn’t check when moving the gun…

  6. Well done. Only thing I can really add is to read the manual if dry fire w/o mag is bad for your gun (like my XD40),? but I definitely say his advice about 2-5 rounds in a gun is good stuff — not that I’m an expert, just a guy who tried both ways without any outside handgun training (yet). But do make sure to REWARD yourself with those full-to-capacity mags and blast away for fun in between serious shooting. Also, I recommend snap caps randomly mixed with live rds see how bad you’re flinching!

  7. Outstanding video. ? Precise, to the point, and no BS. Thank you.

  8. Carlos Pena says:

    Looks and sounds like? Dale from walking dead

  9. mgcdavidstubechannel says:

    Very clear, simple, and informative! Thanks!

  10. S00K0NDEEZ says:

    Are? you self taught?

  11. Rob McGuire says:

    Very good info? for novice pistol shooter. Former Army, but all experience with rifles. Best video found for my wife and I during our search for what and how to shoot/carry.

  12. Kyle Frisco says:

    Great video, thanks for the? good info!

  13. Great video!

  14. 1986baldwinvic says:

    Great video!?

  15. Judywhite1000 says:

    I agree with Robert.? Nice slogan.

  16. Robert Trujillo says:

    Shoot often. Shoot Straight. that should? be a Team Glock Tshirt. lol.

  17. Alexander Larkin says:

    Excellent and very instructional for me,? a new shooter! Thank you.

  18. Mark Turner says:

    I personally always had an easier time? aqquiring target by using one eye

  19. LordAmgral says:

    Also, A quick question, do you aim with one eye or two??

  20. LordAmgral says:

    Thanks man, appreciate? this

  21. BankVault44 says:

    Very nice video, one thing I would have put in here is? to make sure the weapon is properly lined up straight with your strong arm. It is easier to point and shoot, and it is much easier to control the recoil of the weapon.

  22. I use my handgun to open beers. It’s much easier than trying to fumble with that damn? pull tab and hold the steering wheel at the same time.

  23. This guy? is good!!

  24. CptWhit3y says:

    great video! Straight and to the point! Thank you!?

  25. Thanks for the info. I’m? new to shooting and have been working with my grip but I think I just picked up a few tips that will help my all around shooting.