Gun Review : Taurus Model 617SS2 Revolver (357 Magnum)

Gun Review : Taurus Model 617SS2 Revolver (357 Magnum)

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  1. IDontSpeakChinese says:

    lol? ow thats funny shit, even tho its old

  2. real…??

  3. versatilechicken says:

    could you? shoot this one handed?

  4. Howjadoo22 says:

    Both Taurus and? S&W make a model “617”

  5. Ben Galvin says:

    Well observed review

  6. Mulatto Mann says:

    How much is? it?

  7. Peter Incoll says:

    it,s? a smith and wesson

  8. The transfer bar also prevents the gun to shoot if you slip off the hammer during cocking. Of course only if you aren’t pulling your trigger while cocking…?

  9. Wait is this? real or airsoft?

  10. Christopher Penta says:

    Wow man, at first I was hoping the reviews on this gun? weren’t gonna suck. And then I saw that you reviewed it. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

  11. einstein780 says:

    i know your comment is old but? i just wanna tell you anyways. My father has a taurus 617. Its over 15 years old. And its still as good as new. So dont doubt about tauruses, they are briliant.

  12. Kerplappo says:

    Tip Sir Add unloaded gun weight + weight of the number of bullets used to load it? = loaded gun weight. Beautiful weapon

  13. JCrook1028 says:

    Err…? pls educate yourself a bit 🙂

  14. JCrook1028 says:

    I’ve got approx 5000 rounds thru my Taurus Tracker 4″ 357. Never had a single issue with it.? Shoots like a dream and goes where I point it

  15. Lacerda George says:

    Hello! I’m buying my 3rd handgun? for CWW and self-defense. I have 2 Pistols (PT138PRO Taurus .380, 15 +1 & Springfield EMP .40, 12 +1). Now I want a these Taurus Revolver: RT817UL (like this video, only firing + P ammo. Is it very strong and sturdy?) RT88CI (3 inch Barrel Reinforced and Ventilated, 6 shots .38SPL +P+, similar to Colt Python) or RT838 (4 inches Barrel Reinforced Recoil Compensator, 8 shots .38SPL +P+, similar to Colt Anaconda). Please, give me your opinion! Thank you.

  16. cutlerylover says:

    all your losng is a bit of velocity, you cna still be accurate out to 100 yards,? your not going to be 1 moa, lol its just a handgun but you can certainly hit a body at 100 yards

  17. DarthMink says:

    You need to watch more Hickok45 videos if you believe? that. You and I might not be able to hit much with it past 40 feet but it can be done.

  18. ALEX Brady says:

    anyone who complains about recoil is? a pussy

  19. EquiptheDetonator says:

    Hmm, I’m thinking if you got some moonclips for this, it would take out that space that makes the rattle noise…and if they don’t fit, get? a gunsmith to make them fit. lol

  20. Gavin Gray says:

    How? does this compare to the Ruger LCR?

  21. skinsfan3000 says:

    I think you? have to go to school.

  22. MrJohnface99 says:

    Well? said. 😀

  23. I just got the 5 shot version, very impressed with the fit? and finish, I’ve seen way worse tool marks on Rugers which still go bang every trigger pull.

  24. Nero619ful says:

    Verry good video.?

  25. George Washington says:

    Nobody in their right mind would ever want to stoop down to your ”level” you low life. Get out of here with your hatred. Nobody wants? to hear you spew your nonsense.