Gun Ban? How To Prepare

Gun Ban? How To Prepare

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  1. vladcash70 says:

    If you need 5.56 magazines, go ebay the seller? -615gatorbait
    ask him, $45

  2. croakerchoker504 says:

    I? have 6 m&p 15-22 mags on back order 🙁

  3. cmelendez45 says:

    banning assault weapons is not the cure. by doing so will only open a new avenue of business for the drug cartels. now along with their drugs the criminals will be able to buy new weapons. noone will be safe? and the criminals will run wild. they know that noone? will talk to the police because they cannot defend themselves and if they do the witness will be killed. and this will be the norm for everyone, but our communist leaders who will be safe with armed guards around them.

  4. MrJustTruth says:

    You mean the 1st revolution? pretty well. The problem is we have an out of control government now who rule for the bankers and the rich. The 2nd revolution I pray? is thru the ballet box, but I fear that the American people are too brainwashed. Peace.

  5. MrJustTruth says:

    Of course I would as long as they fight for liberty, history is full of? instances of governments disarming their people and then suppressing and killing them, do some research. The year does not matter people are the same our neocons (republicans) and neoliberals (democrats) are the same, they have a power lust and the people have a right to defend themselves. FYI only 10%-20% of Americans were for the 1st revolution. I wish you peace.

  6. footbalr074 says:

    Your ignorance even in your old age is hilarious, guess the hundred million or so gun owners in the US that never shoot themselves or others are? actually factually proven that they are incapable of safe gun handling. Right. Even in my relative youth I’ve learned to respect those who went before me, but in your case and your attitude that your right because your older shows anything but wisdom

  7. panchovilla195 says:

    How many big bad assault rifles did the 911 ass? holes have ..? .. Nobody banned box cutters !

  8. TheKiteArmy says:

    I think he needs to change the title of this video to “How To Prepare for the Gunpocalypse”?

  9. bluediamond2077 says:

    move? to another country !

  10. Hey Velayasha many people are killed by cars everyday, so let’s ban most of the cars. So first thing in the morning go turn in? your automobiles and start walking to work.

  11. erichblas2011 says:

    Everything the government? touches they screw up.

  12. erichblas2011 says:

    All of you yuppies seem to be in a imaginary world. Guns don’t kill people people kill people. People kill other innocence on the road everyday more than anybody could possibly imagine. Because people die from car accidents you don’t see the government banning automobiles. Also I would like to add thousands of people die every year air plane crashes all the time.
    The government try banning the sale of alcohol in the? twenties and thirties. That didn’t work out so good no did it.

  13. Bill Jenkins says:

    God Bless you, Sir. I am taking action. I will upgrade my NRA membership to Patron. Your videos? are VERY concise and instructional. Contact me if you need support in this area. THANK YOU

  14. cmdrcriton says:

    Velayasha you know nothing of firearms so please shut? up and educate yourself.

  15. SomeGuyInSandy says:

    To rail against rifles as you do, and reprimand law abiding citizens about a fetish that has spilled “lots” of blood simply shows that? you are caught up in the Anti gun hype. But, to do that and say nothing about 1.2 million abortions in 2011 is simply hypocritical.

  16. Yeah? How’d? that work out for us?

  17. Tell ’em,? Seabass!

  18. So, is this what all the 2012 wackos have latched onto now? This is the new Y2K, folks- and the only ones who profited from Y2K were the sellers.

    Gun makers are raking it in, and I guarantee that they are out? there spreading fear and ignorance in order to keep riding the wave of profits. Do you think they care about your rights? I propose that their profit motives are their true motivation. Videos like this only play into the hands of those profiting off of tragedy.
    Look, I love guns.

  19. Matthew Judice says:

    1. Civilians don’t have assault rifles. Those have been illegal since before you were born.

    2. Changing magazines in any semi automatic rifle easily takes less than 2 seconds.

    3.? You have a better chance of getting struck by lighting than by dying in a mass shooting. You’re motive is obviously not saving lives, because battling drunk driving instead of gun owners who have done nothing at all to you would be a lot more effective.

  20. Velayasha says:

    Do you actually think people give a shit whether it’s technically an assault rifle or not? Only you gun fanatics are quibbling about the differences, as if people care.
    What we DO care about is? rifles with high capacity magazines that whether semi, fully, or whatever, has the ability to take out scores of people within seconds. It’s insane that we allow our civilians to have guns like that. We are paying the price for our gun fetish in blood. Lots of it.

  21. I hate (not) to burst your bubble lady but almost NOBDY in America has an assult rifle. Just like the assholes in Colo. and Conn. They had SEMI AUTO ar15s. NOT ASSULT rifles. If you dont know what the hell youre talking about STFU. Go trolling? elsewhere. Its idiots like you that give the USA a bad name here and elsewhere. Get educated in firearms if you wish to open your piehole.

  22. lineman860 says:

    @velayasha …. shut your face hippie.. you dont know shit about nothing, every right u have to run your cum? catching mouth or any other freedom u enjoy was brought to u by way of a man with a rifle.

  23. PatriotRadioMilitia says:

    they don’t have to be military STYLE ALL SEMI AUTO will be classified as assault , as well as anything with pistol grips, broom handles , telescoping stocks, and so on .?

  24. Velayasha says:

    So you would support thousands of heavily armed socialists getting any kind of gun they want, so they can “protect” themselves against a tyrannical government that supports Capitalism?
    Stockpiling weapons in preparation doesn’t sound so good when leftist extremists embrace your idea, does it? This is how we feel about right wing nuts preparing for a showdown with the government. It’s 2013. Not 1776. Most Americans have no interest in arming? ourselves in case of tyranny. You guys worry us more.

  25. MrJustTruth says:

    The 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting, it was put forth by our founding fathers to enable the citizens protect themselves from a tyrannical government. ?