Glock Top Models

Glock Top Models

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  1. palmplaza812 says:

    great video.? thanks

  2. smoot31larry says:

    Open Carry?

  3. 5dollarsbuster says:

    Very nice collection I hope to have one similar one day!?

  4. tristantao says:

    Disclosure: I don’t own a handgun; getting one soon though. From what I’ve? read, G34 are quite big (Bigger than the G17), thus very hard to conceal. I heard it was designed for competition. Why not go with a 19? It’s designed for carry. I’m personally planning to get a G34, but not for carry. I’m not too familiar with Colt 1911. Good luck!

  5. Joeyal123 says:

    Ok? thanks I guess my G17 is a standard

  6. Great video! very informative. I cracked up at the “That’s a lot of Glockamole there”? comment.

  7. vader2502005 says:

    There are 3 main sizes: Standard, Compact, and Sub-Compact. The standard sizes are your G17/20/21/22. Compacts are smaller and the Sub-Compacts are even smaller? than the compacts.

  8. thetourettesguy1 says:

    @88chains no all glock’s are? more realliable than a browning m 1911 and Springfield armory 45 auto

  9. Joeyal123 says:

    I? love my 1911 but I prefer to carry the Glock 17

  10. Joeyal123 says:

    Sub compact means its mid size? correct ?

  11. 232323coolguy says:

    @uhnmyuy yeah. this is really fantastic. and i can tell u , i really got shocked when i receive my maybelline beauty kit without any dime @ my home? yesterday. you can also get it from here >

  12. gibranhakim says:

    You seem to prefer the small 9mm Glock 26 in the video, yet you carry the .40 cal small Glock 27 on your hip. Why did you choose a Glock? 27 instead of a Glock 26 for your hip? Do you think the cowboy could hit you back by ricochet?
    This movie was very educational, thanks Professor.

  13. jazzstar747 says:

    Glock 20 all wether any time any where gun?

  14. alfadoggy11 says:

    idc about? reliabilty of a glock id rathar hve a sig sauer

  15. sidperoviz says:

    Old school dude and the 2nd amendment in action.? Bless ya.

  16. dima bloha says:

    l love? m1918

  17. Pete Dooley says:

    How? does this guy afford all of these guns?

  18. Reckless40 says:

    If I could? only have two Glocks they’d both be a Glock 19.

  19. John Hardin says:

    I am looking at? Sig Sauer. Then I watch one of your videos. I am looking at Glock. A couple of days later. I am looking at Smith and Wesson. Then I watch one of your videos. I am looking at Glock. You sir are a salesman.

  20. No glock? is more reliable than a browning m 1911 or Springfield armory 45 auto

  21. Plassmann1 says:

    I have the 17 9mm looking to get one of those 33? clips. Online? Anyone have suggestions…

  22. there is a 15 second video about the g18, search? his channel

  23. not a top model? (popularity)

  24. GD GuyPatrick says:


  25. kcf420ful says:

    Glock 20??