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  1. Ryan Beaman says:

    Hey i’m wanting to get a G32 for my mom for CCW and just general self defense but she has a bad thumb and it hurts her to shoot my little CPX-2 in 9 because the snappy recoil but she can handle the G19 just fine, I know I didn’t? give you a lot to go on but compared to the 19 do you think she could handle this round? thanks – Ryan

  2. Kimuramiami says:

    TN, I picked up a new Glock 32 this past Wednesday! This review and your review of the .357 ammo in the sim test media pushed me off the fence. My Glock 19 stays at home now. Thanks for? all the hard work, we’re listening..

  3. packinaglock says:

    TN are you EDCing the G32 now a days or are you still packin the G19??

  4. A Gen 4 probably would have been a bit better with? the dual spring system.

  5. MrPlausibleDenial says:

    I meant the G17 instead of G19. Your knowledge has enlightened me and for that? I am thankful. Have a great day.

  6. SynchronizorVideos says:

    Also, the chambers in .357 SIG guns? are designed and proofed for the .357 SIG pressure specs, which are higher than the pressure specs for the 9×19 chambers. SAAMI has all the testing procedures and specifications available on their website if you want details, but the simple fact is that 9×19, while a great round, was never intended to throw a 125-grain projectile at those speeds, and I doubt it could do so safely even in a gun as robust as a Glock.

  7. SynchronizorVideos says:

    Well, the G19 and the G31 are different sizes. The G31 is a full-sized pistol analogous to the G17 or G22.

    As for differences, the .357 SIG Glocks use the same recoil springs as the .40 S&W Glocks with the corresponding frame size. These springs are? designed to handle the harsher recoil of those two rounds. If you (unwisely) overloaded a 9×19 cartridge to the same mass and velocity as a .357 SIG and fired it from a G17, you would probably get some severe slide slam.

  8. MrPlausibleDenial says:

    Thanks, the reason i was asking is i am trying to determine the mechanical differences between the G19 and G31 besides the obvious barrel difference. Mechanically, What? did glock do to the G31 to handle these higher pressures?

  9. slopothacrop says:

    get a G 22 and a Threaded 357 sig barrell from lone wolf dist and get their a2 style flashsuppressor (i say G22 because it comes with the .40 set up,? and you dont want to buy 2x 357 barrells, and if you dont want it suppressed, buy a thread protector, but at one point you may decide that muzzle flash is an occupational hazard and if so you already have the solution.)

  10. SynchronizorVideos says:

    No, even pushing the limits of 9×19 +P+, you won’t send a 124-125 grain bullet as fast as you can with a good .357 SIG load.

    Plus, shooting such high-pressure 9×19 ammo will beat up even a well-built gun, while the springs, chambers, and other parts? in a .357 SIG gun are designed for those pressures.

    Also, quality .357 SIG bullets are constructed differently than 9×19 bullets, to let them expand properly in higher-energy impacts.

  11. knuckledustaz says:

    Real shooters give .357? Sig the nod for getting the job done, 9mm fine for target. Perp comes in my room im packing the Sig everytime.

  12. Seems to be the gun I’ve been looking for. Hopefully I can get a few rounds through one and decide.

    I put off looking at glocks for so? long. I understand they’re very good at what I need but they were just so bland. Since shooting more, I’ve decided I need a tool not a toy to edc and should be more open.

  13. ZamachStanuTV says:

    FUCK I WANT THAT ! Can you send it to the europe ?? 😀

  14. mypotnuhUGFEEL says:

    Watch him get? busy when the clip hits 5:07. @ugfeel

  15. greatestsongsofLIFE says:

    I watched this video? with my S&W Governor and he likes it too!

  16. Interesting…Do you prefer the RTF style texture of your 32 or the new Gen 4 style RTF texture? The only difference I can tell by the video is the bumps seem smaller on your 32, which I think actually looks better aesthetically. Do you even notice a difference, feelwise? Pretty awesome they sent you a sort? of prototype, eh?

  17. TheKtabor says:

    Cool, i’ll be looking? for that one when I get home. I carry a 19 now here in Iraq. Really can’t beat the glock for ease of use and conceal-ability. I like the RTF and have found 1000 grit sand paper will fix most rough textures on grips.

  18. David Marino says:

    I don’t know much about glocks but my local gun shop has a bunch but? it says LEO only

  19. GUNMATIC1 says:

    Been carrying my 32 gen 3 edc over 3 years now. Its manageable after some practice. Have never had a failure in over 1000 rounds. I did change out the guide rod with the wolf stainless but not because of failure. Its a great gun. Finish is durable and the barrel? still looks as new. Fun range gun too. Love the blast.

  20. tnoutdoors9 says:

    I have some Underwood 200 gr? XTP’s in the house and will seek out other 200’s over time.

  21. tnoutdoors9 says:

    It’s not? a Gen4.

  22. tnoutdoors9 says:

    I’m? getting sparks off the steel with this. Get it!

  23. tnoutdoors9 says:

    Approximately $500 but that will? vary depending on where you live and dealer markup.

  24. tnoutdoors9 says:

    I’ve never? heard that about RTF>