Food Storage: Oxygen Absorbers, Dry Canning With

Food Storage: Oxygen Absorbers, Dry Canning With

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  1. technician775 says:

    i buy mine from LDS, you can find they on ebay as well, do a google search, LDS online store has? them as well….

  2. garliclover01 says:

    Who do you contact to get your oxypaks please??

  3. technician775 says:

    Hi Buzzy!… had a great friend when i was a kid named buzzy… guy…..well i am glad you are prepping…. KUDO’S to ya!…..and using coupons to boot, the ultimate prepper ! good for you using your head!…and thank you for the? complement..keep on preppin ! feel free to ask questions as you have them…i am glad to answer them… Steve

  4. buzybeeding1 says:

    Love your videos! Super informative thanks so much for posting….I’m 25 and a newbie helps greatly when? I shop with coupons 🙂 thanks again!

  5. technician775 says:

    Hi, I stick with the mason jars, cheap, reusable, and are at100% guarantee to work and be reused, the pickle, mayo etc, for the price of a mason jar and my hungry stomach depending on good food, but i would use those for other things…but if you had to use? those, keep an eye on them, they would have to be used with an oxy absorber, can not vacuum seal them. hope this helps…

  6. technician775 says:

    LOL !!!!!? yea “Snowball” is laid back…….

  7. Philobeddoe12 says:

    Great video, gives whole new meaning to? “a cat nap”.