First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar

First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar

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  1. Personally… Me being a music lover, never seen these girls before i heard them. Their voices were beautiful in my ears and heart. Then when i saw them, and the emotion they put into their songs…….. I? loved them again.

  2. Nicole Hales says:

    noisey introduced me to them and die antwoord to? me

  3. hawthornclose says:

    but it doesent have to be different , and id never star in? a porno with these girls , gross ! ha ha ha

  4. hawthornclose says:

    yea thats true and i dont really care but still , YUK !!? ha ha

  5. Kiarash Faryabi says:

    actually the blonde one’s pretty hot. but who gives a fuck anyway? you listen? to their music. not their looks.

  6. jonybigude says:

    What does that matter? Want to get horny with a song? Go and see some porn, this is music and they are singers? and song writers, pretty different thing…

  7. hawthornclose says:

    but there both so ugly !! i mean god damm check out 56 to 1.02 thats pug ugly they look? like some fucking pugs !! anyone agree ??

  8. Daniel Araújo Ribeiro says:

    FANTASTIC? this swedish duo:::)))

  9. Gunnhild Edwards says:

    I think so. I am from Iceland and have heard Emiliana Torrini´s music for 18 years and she´s pretty much regarded cute Icelandic sweetheart with accessible music that appeals to mid range? adult contemporary crowd.

  10. Your musical illiteracy? is showing.

  11. CameronS437 says:

    there is? absolutely no relation between the two.

  12. ciberuchija says:


  13. Carlos Pereira says:

    That’s very Fever Ray, but I like it though? !

  14. Isthislove98 says:

    Aha I know life would be very much boring without randomness but as you said, when it gets out of hand and turns into arguments… But yes it is truly a miracle that we? are able to learn from each other and share opinions through YouTube. Happy holidays to you too 🙂

  15. Gunnhild Edwards says:

    Taylor? Swift of Iceland. Yikes. No thanks

  16. chaosfive55 says:

    The great? Emiliana Torrini is from Iceland, so you have no reason to be envious! 😉 Happy Holidays!!

  17. chaosfive55 says:

    Random is fun! XD I know things often get out of? hand, but communication and the sharing of each other’s opinions is all part of the miracle that is The Internet! Peace, and Happy Holidays!

  18. While I agree, I have learned not to shut out any venues of hearing new talent. Best example I can give is Matt Corby who gained fame on Australian Idol.? He is truly an extraordinary talent.

  19. K Thomson says:

    I’m listening to this as the rest of my family watch the X factor final. No way are they getting music of? this quality.
    This is spine tinglingly good.

  20. omniambience says:

    Holy crap.? Never thought this was Scandinavian.

  21. Gunnhild Edwards says:

    Yeah I love listening to some screeching elves sing about nothing? give me? a break

  22. Sigur Ros?? Jonsi?

  23. Gunnhild Edwards says:

    Swedes sure know how to make their music. So envious. I´m from Iceland?

  24. Robomatic1000 says:

    where tor turn to for some good Americana folkmusic ? to our (unofficial ) 51st state ? of course, little brother and ally Sweden. 🙂