Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. Tom Hanks??

  2. filterconwater says:

    Very cool?

  3. what is the scratchy? pad used for?

  4. Drone1njj says:

    I just? made mine. Works great. Thanks fubar. Be Safe

  5. WATCHMANTRUTH007 says:

    Also, don’t breath the vapors? from the clorox. They can be very harmful. So do the clorox thing in a well ventlated room or outdoors. Thank you again for doing this video.

  6. WATCHMANTRUTH007 says:

    Chlorine takes the oxygen out of the water. Clorox is not nessesary unless you store the water for a long period of time. The filter takes out those little nasty critters. Always let the water stand until the chlorine has evaporated. You can hurry the prossess by pouring the water back and forth between two containers. This helps restore the oxygen, too. Thank you for this video, many? lives will be saved if the people can drink good water.

  7. Mike A Drover says:

    Very Cool, But it should be a FDA Food grade buckets. “White” pickle buckets, macaroni buckets, and so on. The? type the local delis get rid of all the time. You know where you buy your coffee and buttered roll every morning or go to a restaurant supply house and buy them. Outstanding Idea and enjoyed the vid

  8. SirZophiel says:

    Shit Hits The? Fan

  9. AdrianGBox says:

    thank? you for the video !

  10. Clyde O'Neill says:

    Doulton says their 10″ SuperSterasyl Ceramic Filter is good for 700 gallons. Are you counting on extending the filter life? by washing it a few times before replacement?

  11. Clyde O'Neill says:

    Will the Ceramic filter remove chlorine (like activated charcoal)? If? so, why not add the Chlorox to the top bucket so that the bottom bucket receives unchlorinated water?

  12. Mr12345jab says:

    Also, what does? SHTF?

  13. Mr12345jab says:

    What is the bleech? for?

  14. Idahobushcraft says:

    no, it does? not.

  15. Enida Bonghit says:

    so? what was the scrub pad for?

  16. runekafi154 says:

    The buckets you? are using are not BPH free.

  17. FirstMaid says:

    Wow, I don’t intend to be mean but you don’t know your chemistry. Chlorine reverts to? salt when it breaks down. Ask ANY chemist.

  18. MysticKnight38 says:

    0.2 micron will…. also its fine to use plastic, but it should be food grade and I don’t think these? ones use are.

  19. Rifleman1964 says:

    This is a great setup, but? keep in mind these filters are Activated Carbon so it will improve the taste, but the 0.9 micron filter will not remove all of the protozoa and bacteria, so you must boil or use the bleach to treat the water.

  20. prplehrt17 says:

    great vid…I just got my filter in same one. but all mine came with was a tiny black rubber washer not nut. Can I just? hit up home depot and get a nut like yours? Thanks again.

  21. BethSurvivor says:

    Check out your local grocery store for used buckets of various sizes. These all came filled with food and so? will be food safe. I’ve seen 3-5 gallon buckets offered for 50 cents or a dollar, and some have been given to me. I use a number of storage–now I need a couple more to build a water filter.

  22. stoker187 says:

    A pool test kit is best to check for ”PH” values.Rule of thumb, (as I’m in the culinary food industry) is 1 cap full (approx. 2 table spoons) of Bleach per 5 gal. of water to make >sanitizer solution<. From the pool test kit to get the optimal PH level for 5 gal. of water for? 'drinking', is 3 to 4 -1/8 teaspoons of regular bleach.Best to test the first batch w/ kit to be sure but minimum 3 - 1/8 teaspoons will work. Might be 2 drops =1/8 teaspoon? Seems high.

  23. I was surprised to find out that Lowes sells food grade buckets. They are FDA approved and sell for about $4.00.?

  24. MeAndMother2 says:

    You should only? use food grade buckets FDA approved for this project. Buckets from Home Depot or Walmart are probably not FDA approved.

  25. jszekeresh says:

    How long would it take this setup? to filter 5 gallons?