Emergency / Survival Water Purification

Emergency / Survival Water Purification

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  1. practicalsurvivor says:

    Filter information is posted on? the article link at the end of the video. I emailed several people with the information.

  2. vulcman2007 says:

    Cheaper than Dirt .com has this same system for $27.00, minus the buckets. I oredered one today, along with an extra? filter.

  3. ballermann907 says:

    Nice vid, thanks for the? info!

  4. localpatron415 says:

    what’s the? name of this filter? where did you get it?

  5. kakkoiigin says:

    The $30 ceramic filter kit. you did not reveal the source. where can I buy this?? Thanks

  6. nivek1951 says:

    Enjoyed this video. Could you please tell me the? make and model of the Filter.Thanks
    Kind regards Nivek UK

  7. What is the name of the company that makes? the filter?

  8. practicalsurvivor says:

    thank you.?

  9. The intro music for some reason, makes me think of a postapocalpytic? B-movie from the 80’s…I love it!

  10. practicalsurvivor says:

    @saleroso, Yeah same here bro. I? hope to visit Costa Rica one day. beautiful country.

  11. Very cool, the same thing? made by a Company called Aquafina in Costa Rica, is for sale for about $450.

  12. SNAKEDOCTOR7577 says:

    Great Ideas? ! I’ll be Putting One Together.. Great … Thanx For Sharing..

  13. practicalsurvivor says:

    thanks brother, coming from you? that means a lot.

  14. OzaawaaMigiziNini says:

    Brother this was fantastic!!! The intro, the? presentation, the idea are all well done, 10/10!

  15. awesome idea, love how? you did it on the cheap too, keep it up man, you are going places!!

  16. JimboJitsu says:

    very cool my friend, great video lots of awesome information!

    So you have 2 empty buckets inside each other, what would you recommend filling the extra space with? first aid kit? food?? just an idea I had while watching to help compact storage for Disaster Preparedness. Great video thanks for sharing!

  17. practicalsurvivor says:

    Thanks? bro

  18. desertsurvivalist says:

    Great? video Rob!! Lots of good info!

  19. hinckleypoland says:

    very nice.? I will have to set this up for myself for the “just in case”. Be safe out there.

  20. practicalsurvivor says:

    Thanks bro. Hopefully? we can get another one out soon.

  21. jwilson004athotmail says:

    I’m diggin the new intro bro!!? The info in the vid is awesome!!!