Emergency Survival disaster kit

Emergency Survival disaster kit

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  1. residentmagnum says:

    you may want to keep a change of cloths
    long under wear
    a small mess kit or pot to boil water
    you might want a small sleeping bag or wool blanket
    a shovel and tissu for? bath room use

  2. jdelgadoman says:

    He’s homo?

  3. Yes,that is true…I have been? in some gas that burned like hell on the skin,and would have given anything for a chem suit! BTW,good advice you gave him on that mask he has…too many people buy those things,thinking that just because they are still sealed,that they wil be effective,but age does degrade alot of those older filters!

  4. deadlymassacre1 says:

    Yes, it all depends on the actual chemical, if it gives a reaction when contacted to the skin. In this video, I assumed? it was aimed towards a nuclear emergency, in that case, calling for a gas mask.

  5. That statement is false..it’s nice to have a complete suit,but the mask works fine without it..I’m an Army vet,and have been in situations where we got gassed unexpectedly(as is usually the case) and only had time to don a? mask,and believe me,just a mask is better than nothing at all,unless your talking nuclear,then it’s a whole different ball game!

  6. A few suggestions, a larger full tang fixed blade would be greatly recommended as the blade you currently sport would easily break if used for more strenuous activities, a personally made Medical kit ( so? you stock up on what you actually need), a few handkerchiefs for a variety of reasons, 100-300ft of 550 para-cord ( just as useful as any of the gear you are toting), some super glue and waxed thread for sewing anything or mending anything (including deep cuts). Overall though, Good vid 😀

  7. ChannelNotFound says:


  8. ChannelNotFound says:

    Id prefer a backback.?

  9. bclendenen1 says:

    You might want to put in a bar of germicidal soap and a good size container of? germicidal hand lotion for possible pandemic outbreaks.

  10. iGotGameDoU says:

    lithium battery’s work best because? they dont die in cold wheather

  11. MMMhh ur really prepared for like the apocalypse or? something

  12. Grant Gibbons says:

    Thank you, I have recently picked up an Israeli M15 gas mask to replace my current one.?

  13. WankstaGhetto says:

    Best and simple kit that I saw on youtube and? it isn’t “zombie apocalipse”…

  14. MollyTheLag says:

    that gas mask wont save you from much, especially the filter. most of the filters the GP-5 gas mask come with are new old stock and? are in circulation becuase they are expired.
    check out this vid about gas masks


  15. deadlymassacre1 says:

    Sorry to say,? that “NBC Gas Mask” will not do ANYTHING for you. That gas mask was made in the cold war and the filter’s expiration date is either 80’s or 90’s. 20-30 years passed the expiration date, the activated carbon in the gas filter will become loose and get in your lungs. ALSO I see it’s unopened, I suggest putting it on because it is small (even the large). The filter is NOT NBC rated. I suggest the NEW Generation M-13 Israeli Gas Mask with a NATO NBC filter.
    Also you need a chem. suit.

  16. deadlymassacre1 says:

    Gas masks won’t do anything without a chemical suit. ALSO? you need to make sure the gas mask and gas mask filter is still within the expiration date.

  17. skunkwerksllc says:

    You said it at the end. You need a pistol, and? a rifle. Then your pack will be complete!

  18. Grant Gibbons says:

    That Machete is pretty cool!
    But it has a hollow handle like? my know does.

  19. Elmo de Mambrino says:

    grapeape19470 is quite right about getting a full tang knife. I would also? consider a machete and a tomahawk for heavy chopping, as well as a small shovel. check out the Russian spetznaz machete. It’s all toools in one.

    Thanks for posting!

  20. willie fox says:

    Cool kit

    Just a quick note on your large knife while they are great for storage the hollow handle is a? bad idea for chopping wood and hard jobs get yourself a full tang knife also you can get a good one cheap on ebay

  21. SweStuff94 says:

    man u can wrap toilet papper relly hard so it dosent take so mutch space and? u have good fire starter 😛

  22. flythegadsden says:

    lol it would certainly be? nice, but in a survival situation you need to conserve pack space, so unfortunately leaves are the way to go. Just make sure you check for bugs first

  23. Marlon Urias says:

    great items I didnt have on my? list

  24. MongooseBikeRacer says:

    that knife? is cool and smart

  25. 4everLARAZA says: