Emergency Rations: 1 Month Supply Food Bucket Unboxing (and blooper reel) ;)

Emergency Rations: 1 Month Supply Food Bucket Unboxing (and blooper reel) ;)

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  1. SequelFinalNight says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell? me? what is the safest food storage you can buy with almost no toxins like Corn Syrup and GMO’s? Please…..

  2. marcuelcajon says:

    I am glad you? made this video. Now knowing whats inside I think it would benefit me more to just buy a food sealer and a dehydrator to make my own rations. Thanks

  3. Surfacing111 says:

    My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to burn up fat with Trim Fat Maximizer, but? then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for Trim Fat Maximizer to see their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

  4. AnnBearForFreedom says:

    Since oxygen is chemically designated O(sub)2, you could call them what I do….O2? absorbers. Much easier to say when your tangue gets tungled.

  5. It would be enough your not going to be doing much if your stuck eating them anyway you don’t have to and can’t move around much In a? bomb shelter

  6. sujan sapkota says:

    If you are looking to burn up fat quickly, you should look up on google Atomic Fat? Loss. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  7. mucnagow2 says:

    I looked for? the video letting us know if Chefs Banquet passed the taste test. Can’t find it.

    It looked like a nice variety.

    Loved the bloopers!

    God bless 🙂

  8. stack2big says:


  9. enoughraptor6 says:

    If your using this for this situation? your cholesterol is the least of your worries.

  10. JustAnotherOne1 says:

    yum… wonder if it? makes you constipated too…

  11. Never cut towards? yourself!!!!!

  12. PinballWizard72 says:

    yes they do..ppl were buying them like crazy? not to long ago…the whole pallet was gone in 1 day..lol..

  13. PinballWizard72 says:

    2.5 Grams of Trans Fat..thats not healthy for your? good cholesterol….great video though..

  14. Futureranger9966 says:

    Wow this’ll be great for college! :P?

  15. GhostofTemujin says:

    Hope? So….

  16. udollsbabygirl1 says:

    Love? the blooper reel!

  17. roamerxxx says:

    they? have these at walmart $63.00.

  18. 8digitPDX says:

    Look out for the serving size and calories per day ration on these things. One MRE can have around 1200 calories not counting some of the snack items. A lot of the food storage kits are very optimistic in their ratings of what they claim the kit will feed.? Assume that anything under 40 lbs or $200 for a month per person is incomplete. Figure that any of these are going to still require foraged perishables, cooking oil, a milk product and some sort of meat.

  19. Daniel Emerson says:

    330 Total Servings
    2,100 calories/day for 30 days
    Oatmeal – 60 Servings
    Hearty Potato Soup – 60 Servings
    Chicken? Vegetable Stew – 30 Servings
    Mixed Vegetables – 30 Servings
    Instant Potatoes – 60 Servings
    Macaroni & Cheese – 30 Servings
    Beef Flavored Vegetable Stew – 30 Servings
    Cheddar Broccoli Rice – 30 Servings

  20. Daniel Emerson says:

    For everyone reference I just picked up the updated version of this bucket from costco. Same 99 dollar price, shipped for free to my house. The bucket is now a 6 gallon bucket with a slightly different menu.? All items that came in my bucket are sealed in Mylar, even the pasta which is just one bag in the updated version.

  21. Connor Bloore says:

    They said in the beginning of the video? that because of the economy there may be a time when food in not easily accessible. Not zombies or nukes and shit.

  22. Saftey tip: When? opening a box, ALWAYS cut towards yourself.

  23. FrigginRights says:

    food stores? for what?? conspiracy theorists!?

  24. daniel mcneill says:

    This video will just? become more relevant

  25. MicrophoneProduction says:

    u never ever cut towards ur self!!!? BIG NO NO wife person thing