CZ -75 Compact PCR 9mm Pistol

CZ -75 Compact PCR 9mm Pistol

Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. HivemindHero says:

    This? is as gorgeous as Eastern European babes. Wow. I had a chance to buy one, but bought a Sig instead. Thank you for your vid!

  2. AluminumStud says:

    Ugh,? get rid of the batman goggles, lol.

  3. raul hernandez says:

    hay could you tell us what ammo is? the best for shtf

  4. Murphy82nd says:

    Idk? about your PCR, but my P01 is an ejecting machines. Cases go out a good 10 feet to the 3-4 o’clock position.

  5. Dochog2003 says:

    Nice review Sootch. No eye protection for shooters? at end?

  6. ViolentKisses87 says:

    Beautiful gun? Sootch!

  7. Gary1911A1 says:

    I think? the rear sight is that way to make thumb cocking more easy, but IDK.

  8. longbigjohnson says:

    would this model happen to be a decocker?

  9. Very informative? video as usual sootch.

  10. That’s what she? said.

  11. Oleem negrats says:


  12. You already sold me on the CZ75… I have a BD, now I need an SP01. Now the compact? My wallet!?

  13. I was 7 yards for the target? shots. I thought I was missing it at first! Lol! I get lucky sometimes, but CZ’s are just plain accurate. Thanks Bro~

  14. excelerater says:

    P01 is a? railed version of the PCR

  15. cuntbollockswank says:

    Great review, great looking little? gem.

  16. Matteos627 says:

    Great video Sootch although you were preaching? to the choir as I have a complete love for all the CZ,Tanfoglio type guns out there. BTW I also subbed thanx.

  17. nelsonboy707 says:

    I want an? all steel pistol and would rather have a safety over a? de-cocker. Would you say the 75B Compact is equally impressive?

  18. wyattoneable says:

    I’ve owned a CZ 85 since 1989 and it’s been my? favorite semi auto pistol of all time. Accurate, never failing and relatively cheap…in 1989 anyway. Thanks for the review, now I want another one!

  19. WilliBond0007 says:

    Ya gotta love the ol’ South, although? Va is a “common” wealth which means they have high taxes and high fines [for driving]. Of the four states I’ve lived in MIchigan, IL, Va, and Missouri, I’d have to say Missouri is the best of the lot.

  20. Tterryups says:

    the witness marks used to? disassemble the gun are exactly at the half cock; so take the slide to half cock and remove the stop.

  21. Daniel Boone says:

    The High Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act, as the bill is formally known, bans the sale or transfer of ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds. Such a standard was federal law between 1994 and 2004, when? the assault weapons ban was in effect, and it is state law in many parts of the United States. Magazines are available today in capacities of up to 100 and even more.

  22. So, how close were you when you put 3 into 1 hole?? Be honest now, no? fudging!! LOL!!

  23. chgofirefighter says:

    Have you gotten a chance to checkout “Caracal compact?” Not a fan of CZ pistols myself, too many options out there for 9mm pistols, Thank you for? an awesome work~ Stay safe

  24. SamuraiEdge556 says:

    lol? pocket cannon ftw