Crazy! BEST Survival Knife UNDER $39! – Schrade Extreme Survival Knife REVIEW – SCHF9

Crazy! BEST Survival Knife UNDER ! - Schrade Extreme Survival Knife REVIEW - SCHF9

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  1. Since early November??? geese,,? I’ve been doing this since 83. I guess I’m just happy with my old school equipment, but I do like the new knives they got out now. Thanks again,

  2. MrLeviaFUN says:

    Too bad? this has been “out of stock” on Amazon and just about everywhere else for the last couple of months….

  3. Joakim Alkestrand says:

    Thanks man really enjoyed the video.
    It’s definitely? going to be my next knive.

  4. hattrick9911thestud says:

    isnt ? Schrade out of buissness

  5. jcstumpy1 says:

    I never could get any distance with no spin throwing plus the depth of penetration with no spin isn’t as much. I’ll post a response vid here in late feb with my son throwing his gerber and me throwing all of my blades, three SCHF 9s and? 1 LHR combat. Now I never throw my LHR, but for demonstration purposes, I’ll plant the 3 SCHFs in a stepped teir pattern with the Larsen at the top so my son can walk up the schrades and pull out the larsen. Maybe that will quiet the nay sayers.

  6. Robert Garcia says:

    I cannot find one of these in stock anywhere. Anybody know who might have some? in stock?

  7. bonyard31 says:

    And schrade is made in the U.S.A? rere, you would know this if you owned one.

  8. bonyard31 says:

    I? wouldnt use it to skin a dead garbage. Schrade makes a way superior knife to the gerber throw it in the lake survival knife

  9. Henry Meguess says:

    I have the Bear Survival Knife made vin Portland? Oregon after they did the improvement and love it

  10. Henry Meguess says:

    Schrade knifes are made? in China but they have decent Knives…I also found that the Barlow is still made,that was my first knife ever

  11. bestfriendinamanger says:

    For anyone? else like me who has been looking for this knife online, i emailed the schrade people and they promptly responded saying that the knife will be back in stock at retailers in early February. Im know im going to wait for it! ~Alex

  12. SavageShooter93 says:

    hey man first vid of yours ive seen….. AWESOME JOB. very well thought out and put together, all of the info I look for was there, and it was produced well, just a bonus. Ive seen that knife a million times and always passed it up but now, I will pick one up to stick in? the car and take my Ontario RBS 6 and stick it back with all my other knives. that thing is a beast, I wouldnt think twice about hammering that into a door jamb and prying, Thank you for the great review.

  13. Daniel Stoner says:

    Sorry, now I see you’ve already? addressed this when I listened to it a 2nd time…. 🙂

  14. Fadsmashers says:

    Every review? you make is positive, I’ve never heard you seriously critique anything except for lame reasons like “I don’t like the fact that the survival guide can’t fit in the sheath” when talking about some plastic piece of crap made in china. You obviously get some kickbacks from these companies mainly gerber. You can’t fool all the people all the time bro.

  15. madaxe606 says:

    Great review for a really cool-looking knife,? but WHY OH WHY do all these knife makers insist on a big, pointless, gimmicky choil on an otherwise excellent design?! A 6″ ish blade choked-up on is still a 5″ ish blade. And for that dubious benefit, you give up the most valuable real estate on a blade – those first 2″ where you have the most power and control when push cutting, chest-levering, etc.

  16. bonyard31 says:

    no actually im using an evo phone made in JAPAN so im touching slightly used? toilet water. You however are touching a chinese made LEAD filled made by children in a sweat shop computer lol

  17. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Thanks man! ?

  18. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Just standard stuff… that you can find in a drug store. Nothing fancy.?

  19. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    My pleasure bro!? ~David

  20. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Not all the best…. but people search for? “Best” this and “Best” that… it simply helps people find us… Usually I have a “?” after the “Best” statments… not saying they are the best… but questioning whether they may be. Hope this helps. ~David

  21. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Similar in build and materials… not the same… but the SCHF3 and 3N are? equally as good. ~David

  22. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    I’ve been around for a while… lots of experience… Since early November… this is what I? now do… it’s my job… I know, rough life! 🙂 ~David

  23. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    Coming soon. Overall I like it a? lot!. Stand by… ~David

  24. UltimateSurvivalTips says:

    This I agree with. Gerber has about the best QC and over sight of their Chinese made gear. As I always say, “You get what you spec” from China. If you want quality gear, spec it, QC it, and pay for it… and that’s what you will get from China. My MacBook Pro and iPhone are perfect examples. But Gerber is seeing A LOT of Black Market knock offs of their BG gear… especially on Ebay and places like that. Thanks? man! ~David