Concealed Carry Don’ts

Concealed Carry Don'ts

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  1. bstrickler says:

    Is that an Aker shoulder holster? If so, how sturdy? is the thumb strap for the firearm? The one on mine seems a little loose (but that may be partly due to almost daily use).

  2. Julius Skinard says:

    The sky may not be falling, but this formerly great nation IS, and most of us know it despite what the media pupets and political whores say. Its already in the cards. Its no longer amatter of “if”, but WHEN. Sad how this country was practically given away? while the masses watched basketball on tv. Hope we live to pick up the pieces.

  3. TheYankeeMarshal says:

    You will find many of them in? my videos section.

  4. Kevin Krug says:

    very good video sir, funny and informative thank you. do you do? gun reviews as well?

  5. TheYankeeMarshal says:

    if you? go to handgunlaw dott us you can find a link to the letter from the attorney general to the state senate regarding the law.


    Great! That was my understanding but I wanted to get a second opinion of someone more informed. I will be hunting a holster for my edc now. Thanks a lot. I must say I am a bit excited to know that? we live in the same state. I visit your channel frequently and enjoy your vids very much. Thank you for your time and effort.

  7. TheYankeeMarshal says:

    I still live in? WA and according to the Attorney General it is totally legal as long as the permit holder is in the car with the gun at all time. If the permit holder is not in the car the gun must be out of sight and the car must be locked.


    You sir are very informative and funny as shit! Can I ask, do you still live in WA? I only ask because I do and I am interested in the vid? you did on installing a retention system on your center console. Where does that fall legally?

  9. FloridaTryhard says:

    what about clip? draw and thunderwear

  10. Ladies love the confidence? (aka back hair). Where it proudly, sir. In fact, if you’re not married and you ever propose to your girlfriend you can shave the question into your back hair. 😀

  11. TheYankeeMarshal says:

    My hairy back gets? them every time.

  12. F*ing hilarious man! I couldn’t make it? past the back hair without subscribing.

  13. “Waco” <---Google it. That is why citizens should be able? to arm themselves.

  14. tyfmorgan says:

    Informative video.? What is your feeling on Vests with a concealed carry pocket?

  15. Well, we? heard your don’ts…what? about your recommendation(s)?

  16. IAMGOD712007 says:

    In case anyone was looking for who to complain to about the address map of the concealed carry owners, before it comes to your town:

    Journal News President:

    Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Lane Mamaroneck, NY 10534 914-694-5204 248-594-2197? jhasson@lohud.(com)

    Executive Editor

    Cynthia R. Lambert (aka CynDee Royle), , The Journal News/LoHud(dot com). Address: 17 McBride Ave., White Plains, NY 10603 Phone: 914-948-9388, Email: croyle@lohud.(dot com) Twitter: @croyle1

  17. Jeep19XJ91 says:

    Bloody guns your say?? My guns are actually rather clean, try to take them and that will change

  18. Michael Bright, says:

    you forgot to mention belly? bands

  19. CaptainHitsugaya66 says:

    i agree with TYM, maybe instead of worrying? about us Americans and our rights to own guns, you should worry more about your dental health?

  20. Marvin the Martian Open? Carries.

  21. Sledge276 says:

    The Archie’s are in the? safe behind him.

  22. Sledge276 says:

    I had to read it again too. I’m glad I ain’t the? only non-reading-right person here.

  23. I have a Don Hume holster for all my guns, but the one for my 1911 is for SOB, I will not be? using it any more. THANKS for the info.

  24. Tboone Pickins says: