Compact Survival Kit Pt. 1

Compact Survival Kit Pt. 1

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  1. nathanlief says:

    I know this is an old video but try carrying a small bread loaf aluminum pan as well. Folds down to the same size but much easier to boil water in and you can use the foil to cook? your fish or small game in.

  2. mindprizn says:

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  3. Billy Morris says:

    Excellent? video.

  4. Ken Burgstahler says:

    I think you should add marijuana seeds because it would be valuable for? trade

  5. chromeofan says:

    Stay tuned? Like there are? so many people trying to buy add space in your 8 min video

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  7. mdm82mitchell says:

    Where did you get? that bag

  8. themongolboxer says:

    Why isn’t there a face? slap smiley on Youtube.

  9. BushmanSurvival says:

    Also? i couldnt understand you what is the pouch called(sorry my audio is messed)

  10. BushmanSurvival says:

    where can? I buy that little pack that carries all the stuff?

  11. kipkay211 says:

    shut? up dumb ass

  12. foresthunter5 says:

    ok im hear to admit (and save some money) you can not survive with just a knife? so thank you and goodbye

  13. azazelRising72 says:

    @Foresthunter5 – please post your videos of? water reclaimation and purification with only your knife.

  14. Docprepper says:

    depending on how survival trained you are, you dont? even need a knife moron

  15. azazelRising72 says:

    How do? you purify water with just a knife?

  16. macicebird says:

    Is this some type of stereotype? Not all white people live in mansions. In? fact, I live in a very ” poor ” area.

  17. Ethan Scott says:

    I like the knife, i? have 1 that has so many attachments ,i think it has 11 or 12

  18. foresthunter5 says:

    i mean no offense to the man that? made this video but all you really need is a knife(depending on how survival trained you are)

  19. SuperJourneyer says:

    Possibly because you’re fuckin’ retarded!?!?!?!!! ?

  20. PineMountainVentures says:

    Hey, if you? want to purify water over a camp fire one of those oven bags(that you cook turkeys in) works well if you don’t get it too close to the flames, just make a stick frame with 2 forked branches and put those on each side of the fire and tie on the bag to another stick that goes over the fire, ta da you can boil water in a bag!

  21. IncredibleChief says:

    Get rid of the matches and get a white mini bic to go with fire steel. That multitool/knife should be your backup. Get? a real survival knife. Toss that $1 P.O.S. “knife” in the trash or your junk drawer because that’s what it is. Wear a 550 paracord bracelet to accompany what you got attached to fire steel. Also with the bic you could wrap a few feet of duct tape/gorilla tape around it. hope that helps.

  22. HeavySwordWarrior says:

    tinfoil? burns bro

  23. kipkay211 says:

    How’d I get here from Christmas light repair!?!?!?!?

  24. Eric Irvine says:

    It really? good but you should get an actual knife like a gerber or some thing in stead of a box cutter and then have you multiethnic purpose knife as a back up

  25. eirikmurito says:

    i totally agree:)? more fire scources is gold