Carrying Concealed

Carrying Concealed

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  1. TheGamersLife17 says:

    yeah that is NY and they have very strict gun laws. here CCW are recorded as 1. so they can have a rough estimate of how many are current in the area. idgaf about NY or DC or any of those places that restrict guns just far enough that they can still try to blame them later when a shooting occurs. I live in the northwest of the country and I guess things are just different? up here, not even purchase, or background info is kept for more than 24 hours before deleted from books.

  2. TheMango121 says:

    They DO keep records of it.

    Did you not see in NYC? they made a map of all CCW owners.

    CCW= registration? and is meaningless tax on people who want to defend themselves.

  3. TheGamersLife17 says:

    yeah but CCW helps make stops faster or what not. like when i get pulled over the first two things i hand the officer are license and CCW. one ask me for the gun for the duration of the stop and I calmly told him “you may not search or cease any of my property < he let me go? for being professional about it lmao. I do believe they have there place, as long as they are like in my state where they keep no records of anything but ID number and CCW number together for officer on duty.

  4. TheMango121 says:

    You do understand my? point correct?

    Are criminals going to get that permit?

  5. TheGamersLife17 says:

    ok you get a misdemeanor for illegal conceal gun possession lmao

    the amount spend? is for costs, and if applicable also pay for the courses that make a little safer to arm everyone. In my state it’s just $55 to go in do the paperwork and get printed and have the background ran. took me two days to get my license and i feel like $55 is a fair price to help pay for the filing and clerk to do the work.

  6. TheGamersLife17 says:

    -? WA

  7. When seconds count,? the police are minutes away.

  8. jayortiz81 says:

    saw this vid in my ccw class..I shall call? my weapon…..the regulator.

  9. StewartsRootBeer says:

    Glock 30, her name? is Sophia. 🙂

  10. fadepoint89 says:

    hell yeah. anybody walks in my door and? they’re getting several .40 cal hollow points in them.

  11. TheBardicDruid says:

    “I’m? a retired police officer.”? Your full of shit too.

  12. mwells2683 says:

    SIG….when? it counts.

  13. I’m a retired? police officer.

  14. TheMango121 says:

    What the fuck does a concealed carry permit even do? CCW’s are just a tax on law? abiding gun owners.

    Fuck permits.

  15. This video is right on target. There is a criminal element out there that does not care about life. They will use and abuse anyone to get what they want and the average? citizen needs to be armed and able to protect themselves from these perps. If enough people started arming themselves the criminals would cease their deviant activities. An armed society is a polite society.

  16. Allen Hane says:

    don’t break down my door if you don’t want to be killed! say? whatever you want hippies but the homeowner has the right to deffend thier own safety. if i’m on the street and get attacked your just as dead because i have the right to public safety.

  17. Breakneckhydra1 says:

    You talk about name calling and insults, then write a comment? like “You’re an? idiot.”…well now, you showed you’re true colors didn’t you.

  18. Breakneckhydra1 says:

    You talk about name calling and insults,? then write a comment like “You’re an? idiot.”…well now, you showed you’re true colors didn’t you.

  19. Excalibur01 says:

    Does anyone else? name their guns?

  20. What bunch of crock! Maybe in communist states like kalifornia, but here in TX your immune to civil liability if it’s a good shoot/no bill by the grand jury. So later the parents, husband wife son, whatever of the perp cant sue you. I love TX, and yes i? carry every day, and have training, you dingbat!

  21. You’re an idiot.?

  22. chrisadmaley says:

    your completely wrong, They will bring the person in to question them…but if through their questions they determine it was self defense they wont spend any time in jail. Im not making shit up either.

    Just a month ago someone in my building (apartment building? i own) got stabbed and killed, the guy that did it stayed and waited for police. He didn’t get arrested, didnt get charged, let him go the same day it was defense they said. So dont talk retard

  23. chrisadmaley says:

    so you would rather be dead then? deal with the legal system? Wow get your priorities straight.

  24. Melpheos1er says:

    yeah yeah right forgot a word here and there but you get the idea
    but you are right, i have no idea what i was trying to say :p?

  25. ProTuner06 says:

    Try? one more time but this time….in ENGLISH.