Caracal C 9mm

Caracal C 9mm

Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. I like subway’s cookies. Never been to starbucks,? though… Subway it is.

  2. AlaskanFrontier1 says:

    They better be careful because Glock is sue happy and that looks a lot like a Glock?

  3. cookie from subway? or starbucks?

  4. I see that you’re quite versed in name-calling. That must be the point that you’re trying to make. ? I shall give you a cookie for that.

  5. the nazi? had spoken^^

  6. ArmedLutheran says:

    I? have both the C and F models and love them. Great guns.

  7. Apparently, whatever it is that I studied made me stupid, and you propose I study the same? things? I don’t get it. Why don’t you make a legitimate argument on the subject or just not comment at all?

  8. N0thingMaster says:

    This is an interesting little? pistol. I had the opportunity to handle one the other day at my local shop. The most unique feature is by far the “quicksights”. Other than that I would have to pick a glock over it if I had the option. Either way great vid as always.

  9. its a? nice lookig gun a cobination of a glock steyr and a walther nice gun looks great

  10. Howard Burakof says:

    We have to buy oil from these guys, but we don’t have buy guns from? them.

  11. TheUnicorn2004 says:

    I? think it’s ugly.

  12. the same shit again^^?

  13. i just saw pics of the cc10 it looks pretty good but the real? question does work pretty good

  14. terminator0405 says:

    And why cant Chuck Norris do? this himself?

  15. TheRobrowboski says:

    I can hear the ? hoss breathing

  16. MikeReiner says:

    That is one very low to hand to bore? axis.

  17. Seriously? ? Ok, I’ll go back to school. What should I study?

  18. Ummm. I live in the UAE right now… The people who change the oil in my car make less than $300.00 a month. The people who build the buildings make slightly more, but the work is much more dangerous and labor intensive… And your per capita statement makes sense because? when you factor in all the money that the kings and princes get, that makes that number look a little bigger, wound’t you say?

  19. very? slick design.

  20. Reapers261 says:

    I’ve had the Caracal C for about 8 months and it is AWESOME! ?

  21. Where? can I buy? Damn I really want this.

  22. Moparking950 says:

    No I plan to stick with the m&p9 and? 9c I have already.

  23. fortgreene31 says:

    Looks nice something different. Peace and love? to all.

  24. gastrackerrock2010 says:

    It amazes me how many? folks “freak out” over these because they were made in the Middle East…of course that equates to EVIL…

    To them, haha

  25. bigjohn33able says:

    don’t buy anything from? these fucking arabs