Car Survival Kit

Car Survival Kit

Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. Matthew Falcon says:

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  2. andrewborry says:

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  3. Matthew Falcon says:

    you should know you have them in there all? the time

  4. harley121 says:

    Well done,, I’m going to put one together soon!?

  5. andrewborry says:

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  6. andrewborry says:

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  7. vladskie1134 says:

    I would suggest having a spare I.D. card or other identification papers in there with emergency contact information and other important stuff like allergy information so if there is an emergency they know who you are and who to contact. Other than that I think you covered? it all.

  8. scottishpride032 says:

    hey man. built myself my own vehicle prep kit with ideas from you and others. i really like the feeling of being prepared beyond? my typical edc. thanks for this vid.

  9. TheRacarden says:

    Thanks for posting this video. Being prepared? like this can saves lives.

  10. I don’t think you necessarily? need to put it in that box but some maps of your state and the surrounding states maybe even the country would be of your best interest.

  11. ice scrapper?

  12. ThePNWRider says:

    Use silicon grease for gasket seal.? Oil an break it down

  13. eirikmurito says:

    great kit my friend, but let me tell you about bodywarmers and handwarmers. they are very close to useless. you can attach them all over your body, and still you will be better off with an? extra sweater.

    i know it sounds unbelievable, so i suggest you try it yourself

  14. Tomas Araujo says:

    I? would load a few mags instead of carrying a box of ammo. Even if the mag isn’t for what you’re carrying,it’ll take up less space that carrying the ammo in the box.

  15. HardKnoxU says:

    Love the idea of a ammo can…. But I’d make it look a lot less nasty. I live in the PRC (Peoples republic if? California)

  16. condorlegion89 says:

    That sounds good, they always recommended carrying bottled water in ones car in the state of nevada because of dehydration in the? desert..many people die from that

  17. condorlegion89 says:

    True, but I dont mind? about darkness too mch because I have a cell phone. was thinking of buying a thing rain/wind proof jacket,the ones that fold easily to fit in ones pocket.. its rainy and windy where I live.

  18. MollyTheLag says:

    add a? light

  19. nugnug118 says:

    Wouldn’t hurt to keep some tinned food in your car to as peanut butter won’t last long. Throw in a cheap cell phone to?

  20. now? i know why i want ammo cases.

  21. rrwendelberger says:

    Pull the plug on the glock knife and bring a nail incase you need a spear, and have road flares.? Oh and keep water bottles in you truck

  22. zombiefighterof1987 says:

    would? you recomend the glock knife as a main survival knife

  23. condorlegion89 says:

    LOL? hmmm

  24. aaronsbraga says:

    You should be using a backpack, it’d be? easier to carry and more discreet when shtf

  25. Matthew Falcon says:

    the fuck is? a bronie