Bug Out Bag Survival Bag

Bug Out Bag Survival Bag

Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. michaelxdrift says:

    I have that same water bottle in? my bob. Good vid man.

  2. JumpstartFister says:

    Water doesn’t spoil….that SHELF LIFE thing is? BS

  3. MrMagnify99 says:

    no actually we switch teacres but we have a big ass scholl, and when we don’t have? the last class we have to carry our backpacks for waiting the bell to GTFO

  4. Theodore Irelan says:

    I just made a video of my Bug Out Bag if anybody wants? to check it out.

  5. i don’t get? this part

  6. BigRooster747 says:

    What happens after? 72 hours…?

  7. BigRooster747 says:

    potable aqua… would he know what it means?? It means drinkable water, it’s italian.

  8. Justin Mcqueen says:

    Don’t forget when you pack your bag, Bob’s your? uncle

  9. teemoney505 says:

    awesome video!! thanks for sharing :)?

  10. FallenRILESbmx says:

    BOBs your uncle hahaha?

  11. TexasDude72 says:

    I would recommend the Kelty Noah’s? Tarp 9 and a SOL Bivy Sack (reuseable)

  12. ?????? ???????? says:

    Sootch,you? know how alot of people are packing those BOB’s, and you know whats bad part about that, that they dont have that Bug Out location to go to … 🙁

  13. ryan ladner says:

    do you put anything in the sport bottle prior to adding water? it looks like a lot of real estate for just a filter? and some air? I would suggest cramming some other flexible equip in the bottle such as the folding bag or water tablet container

  14. Grizzlybear406 says:

    Just a tip about those SOS food bars – they are energy dense going? in, and they are even denser coming out. If you are going to try and live on them, you need to do something for fiber, for they have none. Just sayin’.

  15. beyblayder says:

    must be? hard to carry 100ft to your next class

  16. TheActiveAssault says:

    These videos? are exhausting

  17. TheActiveAssault says:

    I would add? at least a few thousand dollars cash. If society is still intact; buying your way out is always an option. I like the pack. Great video.

  18. Malinda Waters says:

    i like this? video

  19. VeteranPreppers says:

    “Cliff Bars” free at? that DFAC!

  20. MrMagnify99 says:

    21 pounds? ? BITCH PLEASE, my high school backpack is heavier

  21. natcor dufab says:

    thats so much stuff for 3 days. 4 knives? 2 lighters and matches? i guess if u might need to supply a small group it makes sense but for one person thats way to much stuff in my opinion. something u might wanna? add; cash.

  22. john smith says:

    21? pounds, not so good but cool stuff

  23. AtomicCarot13 says:

    cool stuff? you got there

  24. nuffzed202 says:

    Should check out the lifestraw from? vestergaard

  25. awesome bug out? bag