Bug Out Bag Build Theory, Build Part 1

Bug Out Bag Build Theory, Build Part 1

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  1. Donkey!?

  2. LOL, dinky!?

  3. Need a dinky to carry all? that stuff!!!

  4. Theodore Irelan says:

    I just made a video of my Bug Out Bag if anybody wants to check it? out.

  5. TheFastestSrbin says:

    How to recognize a good water? purification tablets?

  6. valittleman says:

    i see? your german poncho half shelter on all your edc kits where can i get one ???

  7. VeteranPreppers says:


  8. All those items are bulky. Whats the weight on that? bag fully loaded with all that crap

  9. Paul Jersey says:

    I agree. If am EMP is strong enough to stop your truck dead in it’s tracks, us human beings that happen to be composed of 65% water and also happen to be great conductors of electricity might not fair so well. Oh well! My old F250 might fair much better than I will?? LOL!

  10. BigBlockWheeler says:

    Even if the main circuit is disconnected, and the entire electrical circuit is left open, couldn’t it still pick up the? insane amounts of electrical energy passing through? True, a direct hit from an EMP is rare, and if it totals my ol truck, I might not be around to worry about it.

  11. Paul Jersey says:

    There is a simple solution to this problem. If solar flares are predicted or there looks like there might be some nukes being tossed our way, then? undo the battery cable in your cars and turn off the main breaker in your home. No electrical flow and no damage. Chances are if we get hit directly with an EMP that is strong enough to totally knock out a vehicle, us humans might not survive it! This is mind boggling!

  12. BigBlockWheeler says:

    Same here. I first heard that an EMP will destroy ALL electronics, but then I see these guys building EMP safe boxes, which are pretty much wooden crates lined with aluminum foil. And I’m thinking, wouldn’t a car hood protect the electronics the same as tin foil?

    Anyways, I was told that a strong magnetic field can fry the? ignition modules (brain, same thing). Never actually experienced it or tried it myself, but I figured mentioning it would be better then nothing.

  13. Paul Jersey says:

    That is very a? good point. I am not sure if it is an actual computer or just an ignition module, either way. This whole EMP concept is confusing and vague at best to me. I have heard everything from unless a car takes a direct hit it should be fine to if it has a spark plug of any sort forget it. The various possibilities are just mind boggling to me.

  14. whinchester twelvegauge says:

    I know how to make a weburl code so? I don’t buy any memery

  15. BigBlockWheeler says:

    Nope,? my 77 f-150 wont survive an EMP. What you need to do is buy an extra brain (the FoMoCo square computer that everything plugs into on the driverside fenderwell) and keep it in an EMP-safe box. Takes 30 seconds to swap out. These are the main things that blow during EMP-like conditions.

  16. IncredibleChief says:

    Hey adam, you can take like a 4 or 6″ zip tie and wrap it under lever? on bic and around the back. Tighten but not too tight that way it can be removed and put back on that way your gas don’t leak out.

  17. IncredibleChief says:

    Im starting to think i didn’t spend enough? on my bag if $75 is a cheap bag. Lol

  18. rich16013 says:

    fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. hi?

  19. HannaSouthAfrica says:

    A categorized list of? items please…

  20. What? happened to part 2?

  21. Yesitis808 says:

    Zippo is essential. even if you don’t carry lighter-fluid for it, you can still use the flint & keep spare flints in the body of the? lighter. get some dry and fibrous material, then all you need is a spark.
    Really want to make a B.O.B. even if I’ll never need it.

  22. sifulopan says:

    Thanks for the information. I’ve enjoyed this video and some of your others. I was a bit curious about the CPR kit that was thrown into the bag as a necessity. I’m assuming that is a mouth kit to prevent contamination when administering mouth to mouth…. I believe the latest CPR? guidelines have moved away from this and are recommending compressions only. Does this negate the need for this item in the bag or are there other uses?

  23. qualityJackson says:

    Looks like a battle going on between you two who’s talking over who!!? Lol …. Great info thanks