Beretta Px4 Storm 9mm Pistol Review

Beretta Px4 Storm 9mm Pistol Review

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  1. TheGamingGuy30 says:

    Jill Valentine’s? RE5 handgun 🙂

  2. groundzerofm says:

    Do? the mags work in the cx4 storm?

  3. sanwanlan says:

    Can? it be cocked with the safety on?

  4. don’t forget the users Manuel and the? barrel brush under neath the foam padding.

  5. desirefirst says:

    …or 9mm? Parabellum(Latin “for war”); thanks for the vid.

  6. desirefirst says:

    High? IQ? That should be “a high IQ”, cretin. Also, there should be an apostrophe in the word “don’t”. A capital letter should begin the second sentence, Italian needs to be capitalized, and I think you mean “you”. So, educate yourself before you go off? pointing at other people concerning their supposed lack of intelligence, shithead. Finally, proper English would require the use of “not” before “B r ta”.

  7. 2paclypse2010 says:

    what type of nine do you suggest a first time? user buys? like myself

  8. Charles A Bell says:

    No. Mine is center. It’s a nine ninteen, You might be too critical, but now that you mention it, there is a very slight angle on mine, mabye a micron or less. Have your local gunsmith take a look at it for a secound opinion. Beretta won’t let them pass after Qc. Can’t help you here, Mine is? perfect. Lives depend on it!

  9. That’s? not pipe krackhead

  10. Check gunbroker,? I got some for $21 each. Factory.

  11. Timebender Pike says:

    Did if fuckin? hurt ?

  12. Steve CUDDZILLA says:

    The slide seems awfully? wide for a 9mm.

  13. ieodksnw787 says:

    really cheap pistol. but magazines expensive as shit. like the sig sp2022.

    why is the sig2022 magazines so? expensive.

    I have a 226 and I can get high quality mec gar mags for only $22

  14. collateral1123 says:

    This was my first gun and? I still got it. Saw your video two years ago and it sold me on the px4 storm.

  15. Hes fuckin right about the fuckin magazine, those are hard to load, when I was reloading, my finger slipped and got a deep cut? in my index finger.

  16. In england we’re? pussyholes

  17. PokerSamurai says:

    This is? the United States, our citizens are allowed to own and carry any firearms we want.

  18. How the f*** did you get? your hands on a real gun

  19. fiercekrypton says:

    considering it competes with the gock which? is at 500 used its a steal!

  20. Wolf78033 says:

    a bit? pricy, hmm.

  21. fiercekrypton says:

    I got mine used? for $400 plus tax.

  22. fiercekrypton says:

    could get? the px4 storm sub compact…