Basic Wilderness Survival Kit And Contents

Basic Wilderness Survival Kit And Contents

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  1. supremeruler1968 says:

    please try out your fresnel lens – these things are offen of such a poor quallity that trying ro start a fire is futile… I did replace mine with a regular lens due to this fact, and aparently Im only getting a fire with a regular lense when? i use it on charcloth

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  3. andrewborry says:

    you could add a? small compact pair of binoculars, also add a couple of condoms, they compact , strong and can be used to carry water.

  4. Allison Harris says:

    But good idea about? the compass

  5. Allison Harris says:

    Why would you ever put super glue on a? deep wound , that’s just stupid.

  6. Murphy Law The nice guy says:

    Don’t ever put super glue in? a deep wound!!!!

  7. Nice survival kit! Like? it very much…

  8. RyanJCus GunsWildernessSurvival says:

    I got it from a local Army Surplus store for under 10 dollars. It’s a “Rothco” brand pouch. That’s about all I can tell you. Just look up the? “Rothco bags and pouches” and you should be able to find it.

  9. Tenchcnet says:

    Where did u get the pouch? I need that. opens? all the way, multiple pockets and document holders and a wide belt thing

  10. RyanJCus GunsWildernessSurvival says:

    Morale boosters!? Except the whiskey might dehydrate you, but if you have plenty of water you’ll be all set. I usually bring instant coffee and something to read like a magazine in my kits. It’s not necessary, but it definitely improves the quality of your time out there. Imagine being lost or stranded and having a decent book a cup of coffee and a smoke. It would make life A LOT better. Tobacco and booze would be great for people who enjoy it too.

  11. Jerk Jerki says:

    throw in a pack of cigarettes and whiskey. . I’m not a regular smoker? but if it was on survival mode, hell, i’ll take a smoke and sip of whiskey.

  12. nice tip about compass!? thanks

  13. Bailey Elderkin says:

    I like your kit.?

  14. whenlambbecomeslion says:

    so I can? use tin-foil for shelter?

  15. MrDcjoeycd says:

    It looks good but get band aids for? cuts

  16. RyanJCus GunsWildernessSurvival says:

    Thanks. I actually have both plus a four part series on my Bug Out Bag. Check out? my other vids

  17. MrGnarkill1000 says:

    i like your kit, I have been working on? one that is on the same belt. you should get a mil. canteen holder and canteen and cup?? you have alot of realistate left on the belt and you can get mil surplus very cheep!

  18. twiggyadams says:

    It? coulda been better

  19. panda boils says:

    im panda
    panda boils
    and? ill teach you to survive

  20. Americangirlbrynnly says:

    I recommend you use cross bow/bow and arrow because with a pistol? you will run out of bullets but with bow and arrow /crossbow you can reuse the arrows

  21. survivorprepper says:

    Also I recommend that you use chlorine dioxide? tablets instead of iodine, because they kill more water born pathogens .

  22. survivorprepper says:

    there is a? compass at walmart for $3 that has a compass and a magnifying glass

  23. xxwillxx13 says:

    3:38 i hear a? bug!

  24. 92BMW318is says:

    i thought he was going to say ” i can? use this tin foil as a hat”

  25. bladesandguns321 says:

    66 people don’t value their lives. great video, you? got me started on survival