A Call To Gun Owners

A Call To Gun Owners

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  1. Bob Jones says:

    Demand a? REAL plan.


  2. taxmess57 says:

    IL Anti-Gun Action Shifts to? State House on Sunday Night !!
    nraila org legislation state-legislation 2013 1 illinois-votes-suspended-in-senate-anti-gun-action-shifts-to-state-house-on-sunday aspx
    Ammendment to Senate Bill 2899
    ilga gov legislation fulltext asp?DocName=09700SB2899ham001&GA=97&SessionId=84&DocTypeId=SB&LegID=63457&DocNum=2899&GAID=11&Session
    Speaker of the House Mike Madigan 217-782-5350
    Sponsors Rep Edward J. Acevedo (217) 782-2855 Rep Barbara Flynn Currie (217) 782-8121

  3. TacticalTeen66785 says:

    First its gun control, then its gun? confiscation, then communism.

  4. dexx4sure says:

    To disarm the populace, create another USSR. Marxists are very powerful in US right now and? you are heading toward the wrong direction..

  5. dexx4sure says:

    Anti-Gun people? are socialist fucks who want to create another USSR.

  6. dexx4sure says:

    Well when tyrant govt has ARs and you have just 9mm you surely wish you had an AR by then…?

  7. dexx4sure says:

    Look? up the Soviet Union. They disarmed the populace first and then killed 60 million of them. If you only read my message… But that’s how stupid most people are these days, they don’t bother to read an answer for their question before they aready ask.

  8. sirtango1 says:

    Hey, don’t forget about JPFO.ORG? Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.They are another good pro second amendment organization. And no you don’t have to be Jewish to join. Keep up the good work!

  9. redfirekla says:

    Same reason why car enthusiasts need a fast corvette, if you like guns and like to shoot paper targets at longer ranges you need an AR, being in a free country as long as you have a clear background you should be able to own one. Criminals don’t do background checks they will always have guns so why restrict the people and put all? these limitations.

  10. idalgleish87 says:

    Its very hard for a person from the UK to understand.You talk about rights well here in the UK i sometimes feel people have? too many rights but it leads to a society with no coruption where our politicians cant get away with anything.Maybe because we trust our government we dont need guns and also because nobody else has them.All i know is that we dont have innocent people being killed all the time by firearms because they are hard to get access? to and you can get 6 years in jail for having one

  11. fastacker2 says:

    Get onto? Popvox which makes it easy to see all the bills and send letters to your reps. You also can see how others are voting. You can simply click on support or oppose each bill. Maineprepper just did a vid on how to use it if anyone needs a tutorial. It is super easy! Thank you? Maineprepper!

  12. goessb170677 says:

    The House Democrats are going to try to get a “high cap” magazine ban introduced today, Jan. 3rd. Thankfully, Boehner hasnt? shown any chance of letting it get to the floor? for a vote. Keep an eye on this bill and also Feinsteins coming up later this month.

  13. Good for you! I’m glad you have all those pistols especially the 10mm, what a hand cannon! Now? why can’t I have my AR?

  14. I have 9mm , 10mm , 40 & 45 ! Why in the world would I need AR ??

  15. Sigh, no I fire from the shoulder like and practice good trigger control two things Rambo never did. Is that all you got? Since you? are too lazy to do the research yourself here’s one 5.56mm NATO XM193: Drywall & Ballistic Gel Test, youtube video. If you don’t like that one I got more…….

  16. What do I need an AR for I is what you meant to ask. It isn’t? about need, it’s a right. A right and need a are two completely different things. You need food to live, you have a right to free speech and to own a gun.

  17. Thank? you

  18. idalgleish87 says:

    lol what do you an? AR for?

  19. I? have a better idea , I just need to get out of You Tube ! Too many Rambo wannabes !

  20. And I only respond pm to your? pm ! What’s the problem !

  21. I think your mistaken about the penetration !? Maybe someone else can give their opinion !

  22. I’m not worried about concealing anything if the prep is already in my house, and a 55 grain fmj bullet in 5.56 is less likely to go? all the way through a prep or a wall as compared to a 125 grain hollow point in 9mm…Look it up. and for crying out loud stop with the personal messages just hit the reply button like everyone else.

  23. Isn’t it a little difficult to conceal? an AR ?

  24. A handgun is all u need? !