6 Value EDC Knives (Flippers)

6 Value EDC Knives (Flippers)

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  1. AJC87HOCKEY says:

    like jaja binks? lol dude haha

  2. Try the enlan el01 it’s? a really heavy duty folder

  3. cagmito76 says:

    what is? the knife with the orange lanyard directly in front of cam , ill search your vids after this one but just in case ill ask here , thanks

  4. frozenhacks401 says:

    Kershaw Skyline is $95? in my country 🙁 it sucks

  5. 007JoeVitto says:

    No I wasn’t saying that, I think the Rat 1 is a great knife at its price, I own a couple. I was just saying that I was just covering value flipper opening knives in this video.?

  6. Theenormityofitall says:

    You don’t think the Rat 1 is a value knife? Most people think that it should cost $60 rather than $30. But hell every? knife to me is a value LOL.

  7. 007JoeVitto says:

    I would agree. I was mainly trying to cover value flippers in this video. But? yeah, the Rat 1 is an excellent choice for the price. Thanks for commenting and watching.

  8. Theenormityofitall says:

    I think the Rat? 1 makes an excellent EDC, albeit a little big.

  9. 007JoeVitto says:

    Yeah,? all of the Kershaws shown are made in the US, as is the Buck. Its not labeled, but I am pretty sure the CRKT and Gerber are both made in China. Thanks for watching!

  10. theotherkairi says:

    lol octo-pussy?

  11. Ismail ?ahbaz says:

    can u recommend ripple to me ??

  12. jgbelmont says:

    Interesting Needs Work knife. But ill take a Leek. lol. Maybe if i did not have a Pit Boss on the way. My favorite EDC? is Sage 2 or Caly 3. But? my caly is too nice to ding up. Both my Vantage Pro’s came in a bit tight to flick with finger every time. And i have strong fingers.

  13. 007JoeVitto says:

    Thank? you for your kind comments. I hope to do more of these value videos in the future. Thanks for watching!

  14. 007JoeVitto says:

    Thank you! They are all great blades for their prices. All high value knives in my opinion. Thanks for taking the time? to comment and watching the video.

  15. Great video? man. Some knives there that you have me interested in. Thanks.

  16. kwgunworks says:

    Go big? or go home baby! 🙂

  17. 007JoeVitto says:

    Very cool! Microtech and Protech make some awesome high dollar autos. The ZT 200 is? a big flipper, I think its over 7oz. Thats may kind of EDC. Thanks for watching!

  18. 007JoeVitto says:

    I agree,? the Skyline is a great value knife. Thanks for watching!

  19. 007JoeVitto says:

    Thanks dude, I appreciate that. Take care, thanks? for watching!

  20. 007JoeVitto says:

    That? could be pretty cool!!! Might need to plan something like that, maybe in the spring! Thanks for watching!

  21. kwgunworks says:

    Great daily edc knives, great vid. Love blades man! I am going to do a sampling of Microtechs, and Protechs? at the shop on Tuesday. Oh btw, I have the ZT 0200 Military use it as one of my edc blades, love it!

  22. spydercofan99 says:

    Nice vid man!! i subbed?

  23. Lookinformemarbles says:

    This is a cool video! Shows a lot of options! I have? the 1st 2 knives the skyline is a good budget knife! Thanks for the video man!

  24. We need to get a NoVa crew range session together. Heard there’s a dump called? Cove Campground outdoor range near Winchester. Can bring old TVs and the like to shoot.