5 Handguns everyone should own…

5 Handguns everyone should own...

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  1. Please tell me more about how criminals abide? by laws.

  2. Stephen Leslie Wright says:

    Good? heavens above, sheep using guns! Evolution is really cracking on in your neck of the woods.

  3. GoldenbanjoDJ says:

    Yeah the FAC is a problem. We can’t conceal and carry? and we can’t use them as a self defence weapon. I need to prove that I am constantly going clay pigeon shooting or something lol

  4. agricultural hemp is something thats been banned because its related to marijuana even though it has no actual drug value but it is a crop that literally has hundreds of uses but its banned just for being related to? the marijuana plant species.

  5. i think legalizing would be a great step to generating revenue creating jobs both in the marijuana and hemp? productions. as well as reducing cost because less people would be in prison for minor possession charges and what not.

  6. Jimmynable says:

    I agree with u completely there and that goes for any country regardless of the laws. If someone could not commit the crime with a? gun in most cases they could find another way. IMO might sound crazy but legalising marijuana would be a great step towards reducing crime

  7. Jimmynable says:

    But? u can own firearms here, u can legally own shotguns and hunting rifles, getting the FAC isn’t easy tho.

  8. tangled Line says:

    This coming from someone with? a population of 5 million. Think about that for a second.

  9. Gary Revel says:

    Legislators in Washington have to do what is best children’s safety and not bow to the lobbyists for gun manufacturers like? the NRA

  10. BoggleDongMongerFlog says:

    Ya, telling that to an American isn’t? the smartest idea. Ever heard of the American revolution? Enough said fucker.

  11. BoggleDongMongerFlog says:

    Bum Breath, enough said. We kicked? your asses once and saved your asses twice so you better pick your next words wisely. ‘MURICA! At least I can be proud of where I’m from!

  12. idontknowwhatimdoin says:

    Nobody likes a suck up?

  13. marshalljimduncan says:

    You got? owned jackass

  14. DoberAchref says:

    God bless America?

  15. Chip Fernandez says:

    Ahem, you can’t discount guerrilla-style tactics with people who have the appropriate mindset to? defend what they have. Please consider the North Vietnamese tactics against the bombs/tanks you refer.

  16. bum breath says:

    yanks are fu@#ing? wankers

  17. MrMark447 says:

    The funny part about America is that it has all these technologies, the liberty, but the sad part is that its own people don’t realize how much does their? beloved “liberal” government profit on them. 😉

  18. bum breath says:

    sorry, i can’t spell

  19. bum breath says:

    I’d rather send my? kids to school without the fear of having soming nut case running riot with a firearm.

  20. ChaoticRupture says:

    then prepare to see 250 million corpses, you don’t stand a chance against bombs or? tanks, plus an army is very well trained.

  21. if no one had a gun we would still need guns to defend ourselves since theres other lethal ranged projectiles and hand to hand weapons that are readily available. banning guns is not the solution. figuring out? an affective method to reduce crime is.

  22. it is every human beings right i? hope that some day the rest of the world will see that guns are not the problem that the true problem are people.

  23. 1veryreal says:

    yeah, then we’d live in a magical rainbowland with no drugs, alcohol or violence, only smiles and puppies! Seriously, what kind of idiot? are you?

  24. You ARE? an American.

  25. BarrelofSnakes says:

    Lol that’s a big pile of steamy malarkey now isn’t it?? So I guess if someone invades ur home with a knife ur supposed to sword fight them lol good luck with that Jet Li?