2012 Global Food Shortage Emergency Crises – Start Storing Survival Food

2012 Global Food Shortage Emergency Crises - Start Storing Survival Food

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  1. crazymegatronjoey says:

    Can’t? u just grow crops!?

  2. informationwarfare says:

    Everyone looking for? a food crisis solution WE HAVE THE ANSWER.

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  3. KitKat5533 says:

    really? Revolutions From Egypt to Bahrain, Major food failure with numbers of 70% crops failures, from China to America To Europe, WW3 Starting over Iran And The Conflict in Eastern Asia, Market Crashes, Euro Burning And The Decline Of The North West? Dude! Look Before Commenting?

  4. martin sollano says:

    lol? all for the advertisment!

  5. mrpapafunky7879 says:

    Look up haarp.they can control weather.they are starving out the poor on purpose.look at the US? drought they are creating a drought never seen before.farmers been growing on prooven good farmlands for generations.so haarp or global warming take your pick.fuck this gov.when will we get pissed off

  6. nelson3300 says:

    everything has increased by at least 50% as far as I can tell. And the things that haven’t have been reduced in size to stay the same price. Beverages, snacks, candy bars… That new sleek looking bottle actually holds 3 ounces less than the original… yeah. 😀

    Inflation? is a bitch. BUY SILVER

  7. nelson3300 says:

    Inflation of? the dollar is causing prices to rise. This is a fact. At the same time, new geoengineering projects have been literally taking the rain from the west coast and dumping in in the south. Ignorance is bliss, but when you connect the dots its pretty clear: we are going to have some tough times ahead. What does sitting in denial do? If we prepare and nothing happens, oh well.. but if we don’t prepare and something does happen, god help us all. Think for yourself, question authority

  8. JulianaSaar says:

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s going to happen this year, or tomorrow. The point is, is that it’s going to happen. This is a planet of 7 Billion people, most of which don’t even get enough food to eat. If American’s would stop eating so much maybe there would be? enough for everyone else. The earth is a finite planet, therefore there is not an infinite supply of food. Considering we can’t control the weather we should always be prepared.

  9. ThePocohontis says:


  10. CHICKEN? SHIT do you buy you’re own food?

  11. igrow4fun says:

    We’ll see how? hard you’re laughing in November.

  12. igrow4fun says:

    You wouldn’t? know.. Your parents probably buy you everything.

  13. Erm USA going through a drought dustbowl like conditions appearing worst harvest farmers say prepare now or eat your? shoes later

  14. would you send me food that can last 25 years im? prepping and can store rice for 10 but 25 years please inform me

  15. Manuel Lopez says:

    Wats wrong with you guys… we all know it’s not even fresh produce but genetically altered produce made to withstand icing cold? weather

  16. 2010Jakeypoo says:

    Time to stock up? on Twinkies and Spam

  17. Jørn Vork says:

    They are really hyping this problem wich is no problem at all… We have a crisis in banking…that they made and orchetstred themself…they rule the Main media…like this? one…they are the criminals on this planet… they should be put in jail…for ever. Bye Rockefeller, Rotchild..Bernanke and everybody else making these fake problems…

  18. Myrna Garrard says:

    right here in the US yet send food to others. My anger over this situation starting when I was about 13 or 14 and have been working full time for a couple of years while attending school. Yes,good parents. I saw a? commercial about Feed the Children and how you can receive the child you’re sponsor, etc. I called to find out you couldn’t get a US child…Forget get it! Stop freaking out, kick Obama out of the White House, and make damn sure he doesn’t take our guns away from us while he’s there!

  19. Myrna Garrard says:

    What pisses me off, other than Obama being in the White House selling our Country out, is the idea people have over this food shortage. Most of the coverage I’ve seen was talking about the assistance we give other countries in the way of food. Hate to sound harsh but WHO CARES. It’s always upset me that we have children? and adults starving

  20. SensuousO says:

    the wheat flour and corn syrup of that bun will drive that price up for sure…bye bye to? the dollar menu…

  21. HORNYxHOBO says:

    You’re an? idiot.

  22. CAN’T BELIEVE THIS VIDEO HAS SO FEW VIEWS !? Don’t people pay attention to prices when they go food shopping ? We DO, and have noted an 18% price increase at WalMart, the cheapest retailer in our area. TAKE THIS VIDEO’S ADVICE – STOCK UP NOW !

  23. timhoward5 says:

    As long as there water there? will be no such thing as shortsge of food.

  24. ps9teacher says:

    ummm, I’m no conspiracy theorist buuut, watching CNN just stated that the Midwest is experiencing a drought of epic proportions.? Cattle being sold because farmers are unable to feed them…I think it might lead to foods spiking in price…just sayin’

  25. TexasPrepperinCali says:

    OBAMA thinks he is a DICTATOR! he is NOTHING, take back our country people fight this idiot before he totally destroys the United States of America! Do you want a communist country? is this how you want your children raised? if not then get up and do? something. before we can do nothing when he takes the guns away he will then control the people. this is why we do not let them take our guns people. DIE fighting for yours and Ur children RIGHTS!! UNITED we STAND! DIVIDED we FALL! This is AMERICA